East: Groene Loper - Wittevrouwenveld, Wyckerpoort.
West: Blauwe Loper - Mariaberg, Blauwdorp, Trichterveld.
A visual story about two neighborhoods in Maastricht that are in transition.
Both neighborhoods were mainly realized after the reconstruction, turned into deprived hoods, and are now being transformed through demolition, renovation, sustainability and new construction. What does this mean for the original character of these neighborhoods? What are the similarities and what are the differences? The phase between old and new is what I want to portray.
The title of this project is a small tribute to my friend and graphic designer the late Bert Volkers (1959-2014). When he moved from Nazareth (Maastricht-East) to Blauwdorp (Maastricht-West) in 2011, he sent a card, in his typical sturdy design, with the text "Eastside-Westside". He was referring to the clash between the Eastcoast and the Westcoast hip-hop scenes of Gangsta rap in the 90s in the USA. Off course nicely “over the top”, because that was Bert's humor, if you consider Nazareth and Blauwdorp in this context.
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